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Visit the Health 360 clinic or introduce mind body medicine sessions at your office.   

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What is MBM

Mind body medicine is a holistic approach to health, combining counselling and bodywork to get to the root cause of your problem. Assisting and guiding you in finding balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, facilitating longterm health and wellbeing.

MBM Mini Sessions

Within a corporate environment it is important that the employee gets maximum health benefits with minimum impact on workflow.

MBM Mini Sessions are set up at your office as highly effective 40 min sessions, focusing on relieving stress, fatigue, pain, sleep issues, bad posture, feelings of anger, frustration and generally being overwhelmed.

Benefits for your company and your staff are plenty. Improved productivity, higher degree of creativity and innovation, greater levels of emotional intelligence, better communication skills, higher stress resilience, lower employee turn over, healthier work culture, higher job satisfaction, better mental and physical health, lower absence rate due to illness and better work-life balance, just to name a few.

MBM In-Clinic Sessions

Everybody who wishes to explore what is holding them back from feeling and living the way they want, can book an appointment at the Health 360 clinic.

MBM In-Clinic Sessions focus primarily on chronic issues and reoccurring behavioural patterns that are difficult to overcome. The aim is to get to the root cause of the issue, creating awareness that enables a shift in lifestyle and mindset, promoting self-responsibility, leading to longterm health and wellbeing. 

Clinic address:
Health Space Clinics Bondi Junction
4b/332 Oxford St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022
P. (02) 9389 0890 / E. christinas@healthspaceclinics.com.au

Session Structure

MBM Mini Sessions (Corporations)

A session consists of 40 min treatment plus 20 min used for room preparation, session write up and client file handling. Your office only needs to provide a small meeting room, 2 chairs and a table. Treatment table and any other equipment required for the session will be provided.


MBM In-Clinic Sessions (Individuals)

In-Clinic Sessions are set up as 75 min sessions, including in depth counselling and body work, utilising a wide range of techniques from Chinese acupressure, osteopathy, psychology, energetic medicine and nutrition. 

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MBM Mini Sessions (Corporations)
Full day / 8 sessions = $999
Half day / 4 sessions = $560

MBM In-Clinic Sessions (Individuals)
75 min = $120

Specialised workshops upon request
Meditation & Visualisations, Art Therapy, EFT, Energetic Healing, Talks

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My name is Christina Sinn, I am a fully certified Mind Body Medicine practitioner with a minimum of 200 hour Diploma from the College of Complementary Medicine; I also carry liability insurance and I am trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR.

Originally I'm from Germany and I lived and worked in London, Shanghai and now Sydney. As so many, I came to alternative medicine because of personal health issues. When I lived in Shanghai I was diagnosed with sever IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome). 

During this time I was part of a team establishing a Wellness Department at our 700 people strong office. In this process, I met Kimberly Ashton, a wellness coach, macrobiotic counsellor and nutrient consultant, teaching nutrition based on the philosophies of traditional Chinese medicine. She took me on as a client and within 6 months my symptoms disappeared, whereas before my stomach was so sensitive that the simplest foods caused me severe problems.

Kimberly introduced me to many new concepts going far beyond nutrition. My interest grew so strong it developed into the urge to help others and not just myself. So I decided to move to Sydney to study Mind Body Medicine at the College of Complementary Medicine. My goal as a practitioner is to empower people overcome their struggles and learn how to lead the lives they want, longterm. 


Christina has amazing skill and natural ability as a mind body medicine practitioner. She is confident, calm and capable, with her insightful yet practical approach she is excellent at helping the client address the underlying issues. I have always left a session with Christina feeling inspired and with a clearer vision of myself and what direction I need to be headed. I highly recommend a session with her to assist with any aspect of your health and wellbeing.
— Jules Miller, Teacher
Christina is an inspiring, highly intelligent, genuine and down to earth mind body medicine practitioner. Each session with Christina was memorable and transformative as we explored the root cause to my presenting symptoms. These “aha” moments empowered me to make positive & necessary changes in my lifestyle and mindset, shifting the state of my body, psychology and wellbeing. I remember leaving, feeling excited, motivated and enlightened.
Christina helped me specifically with my chronic neck pain and overwhelming emotions of anxiety, fear and self-consciousness. For a long time, I was unable to see my self-worth, affecting all areas of my life and career. I would like to thank Christina for her deep, enlightening and nurturing approach in clinic, providing me with a space of comfort and acceptance. I now, feel like a different person and am passionate about proactively looking after my health and wellbeing.
— Elizaveta Iliagouev, Human Resources Consultant


Health 360 – Mind Body Medicine
Christina Sinn, Practitioner

E. info@health360mbm.com
P. +61 416 322 795

Member of:
ATMS Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
ICMA Integrative Complementary Medicine Association

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